Rothwell Care Management is very proud of what people say about us.

“Anita is well educated, responsible, very experienced. I would trust her with managing the healthcare of my loved ones!”

“Anita has provided care for both of my parents under very different circumstances, but in each case and situation her care has been very timely, thoughtful, thorough, and always with their well being as her top priority. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her elder care management to anyone with aging parents!”

“Thank you for your wonderful work with M.S., on his behalf. The transformation in him was remarkable as he became much less anxious and overwhelmed when you came on the scene. You are a blessing.”

“I could see that my Dad was going to need a change and talking with you, as well as when my Mom was going to various levels of care, I really needed a trained, absorbing ear to filter through all the emotions and guide me to the best solution.”

“I really appreciate your visiting today. I’m grateful for your generous and effective assistance. Thank you for your outstanding care of Mom and our family.”

“Thank you so much for being available to us, and especially to me. This is a hard thing to get used to and having your guidance has been invaluable.”

“I wanted to say a quick thank you for your wisdom and support this last year. It helped my husband and I tremendously to have your guidance, and it significantly reduced our stress just knowing you were there. With Appreciation,”

“Your help and support has been invaluable to us. I don’t know how we would have navigated these last few years and especially the last few months without you.”

“We were so fortunate to have you as my sister’s care coordinator. What a competent and caring person you are! Living at the distance I did, it was so reassuring to me knowing that you were caring for her. I am still thinking of your kindness in stopping in on her while she was in hospice. You are simply the best.”

“I cannot thank you enough for being more than a partner to me over the past year or two. You were constantly there with information, support and friendship. I could not have done this without your help and guidance. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

“There will never be words to express how much we thank you for all you have done for my sister.”

“I am so deeply appreciative for all your efforts on our behalf, you made a huge difference!”

“I don’t know what we would have done without access to you and all of your knowledge during this past year. You have always guided us to the right decision, from a place of objectivity and love. Thank you.”

“Thank you so very much for all your help through difficult times.”

“Your ongoing support makes such a difference for my family, and for me.”

“My family and I want to thank you for all the assistance you provided us the last year and a half. You supported the decisions made by my cousin and communicated the findings and recommendations of the doctors in a concise, understandable manner. The value of having an experienced advocate to negotiate the healthcare system was immeasurable. You were there when we weren’t able to be; your care and commitment to him will never be forgotten. I feel that you are like part of our family now. Thank you again.”

“I am deeply appreciative of all you have done these past months for our parents and for us. You went above and beyond. You always treated my parents with the utmost respect and kindness. Not only were you extraordinarily organized and able to anticipate needs, you managed to walk that fine line, advocating helpfully without intruding, providing guidance while stepping back when there were matters for the family to attend to. It would never have occurred to me to bring those documents to the hospital when Mom had her stroke, for example, and that made it possible for me to advocate on her behalf. When we called upon you unexpectedly at Washington Hebrew, you responded with the calm professionalism we knew, which was a huge benefit, not only to my brother and me, but also to Dad. I was touched that you attended both funerals.”

“It has been great working with Anita. Anita is knowledgeable, responsive and caring, and when interacting with health care providers on our behalf she is diligent, persistent. I recommend Anita without reservation for any family navigating through elder care issues.

Anita met with us at the hospital when my Mother was unexpectedly admitted and quickly helped identify, evaluate and choose potential assisted living facilities – which had to get done within one week. Anita’s experience with the facilities and their ability to work with patients with memory problems was invaluable during a very stressful and emotional time for our family. We have continued to engage Anita to help monitor the level of care provided at the assisted living facility, coordinate and consult with health care providers to assist in making sure timely and appropriate care is provided and to help evaluate the various options available. My Mother has resisted many health care providers, but has come to rely on and trust Anita. This is a testament to Anita’s bedside manner and her ability to communicate with seniors. Caring for parents with significant health issues is time consuming and difficult, and Anita has been a wonderful resource in helping us with the process.

We plan to continue relying on Anita for the foreseeable future because of how valuable we believe she is for both our Mom’s well-being and our family’s ability to care for her.”